Feast or famine

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Week in review

QB Kurt Warner aired it out for 381 yards and two TDs, and only got picked once -- on the road, no less. If you've got RB Brian Westbrook, you might be able to start printing playoff tickets.

The 49ers are devolving into a mess, and it may affect their top players, including RB Frank Gore. Remember when the Colts were an automatic start? There's a lot of head scratching in Indy.

Who to start

QB Marc Bulger is an intriguing option versus Arizona. Start your Cardinals, this has the makings of a shootout.

Do you start a QB and WR from the same team? Seems like it could be feast or famine, but if it's a solid QB and a solid WR, it's a better choice than starting another guy who might have consistency problems.

QB Kyle Orton has the chance to build more confidence against the visiting Lions.

Rethink your Cowboys on the road against a tough New York Giants D. Looks like no Tony Romo until after their week-10 bye. Similarly, the Redskins host Pittsburgh on Monday night. It'll be a rough time to play the Steelers, who are always particularly fired up for a national TV game.

Now may be the time to take a chance on QB Chad Pennington, as Miami visits a Denver team that has trouble stopping the pass.

Waiver Wire Watch

Certainly by now someone has grabbed Ted Ginn Jr., but is he going to be Pennington's top target? No one else has stepped up in Miami.

Time to take a serious look at WR Matt Jones. He's big, tall and popping up as QB David Garrard's primary receiver. Next stop, Cincinnati.

RB Leonard Weaver of the Seahawks, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? An impressive performance against a bad team, but keep an eye on him.

Bye Alerts

Panthers, Saints, Chargers, 49ers