Polly scream

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

So mi compadres, I voted today. Like every too-busy woman, I wanted to vote early and avoid the marvelous potential of an 80 percent turnout in central Ohio. One week ahead of the actual Election Day and I was waiting in line! Marvelous.

Have you ever considered the power of a single vote? Elections and decisions that come down to just that. We vote every week: Around the dinner table, at meetings, with our friends. Who wants to go to this restaurant? Raise your hand for the cookie fundraiser. Family vacation at the beach or the mountains? Every time we vote, we change directions sometimes just a little sometimes a lot.

As presidential campaigns go, this one has been rockin'. A billion dollars spent to get a job that pays $400,000 a year. When the dust settles, you hold the power in your hand because you take the time to make a decision.