Random grave #4

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Your candy bowl is full. The front stoop is decked in goblins and ghosts. Your Backyardigan and Hannah Montana are asleep in their beds.

If pre-Halloween hoopla has you too tired to trick yourself out, treat yourself to an easy DIY mask from one of our favorite Charmingwall artists, Martina Fugazzotto.

The Brooklyn-based illustrator has created two funny-scary masks especially for DailyCandy Kids parents - baby doll zombie for mom and rock star zombie for dad. Just download, cut along dotted lines, attach string - and insta-costume.

It's that easy. We wouldn't want to scare you off.

To see more of Martina Fugazzotto's work, go to martinamartina.com. Get a free Martina Fugazzotto Godzilla print with every purchase at charmingwall.com. Enter DCGodzilla at checkout.