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For years, has found success as The Washington Post's daily online magazine, a beacon of thoughtful (if sometimes over-intellectualized) commentary on politics, science and culture. In recent weeks, the site has been promoting a spinoff called The Root. It's more or less the black version of Slate, providing "thought-provoking commentary on today's news from a variety of black perspectives." Like Slate, The Root's articles are hit-or-miss; for every column like Michelle Elam's thoughtful look at Barack Obama's biracial heritage, there's another like the one that finds Chris Deis completely missing the point of Mad Men. But what The Root lacks in consistency, it makes up for with a useful spinoff of its own, founder Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s genealogical tracking site,

Trying to sift through the mass of travel sites can be trying, even if you narrow it down to the meta sites that supposedly pore through hundreds of other databases to find you the best deals. And I didn't sift through them, so I can't say for sure that Kayak is the best. What I can say is the site found me round-trip airfare to Los Angeles for $200 and some change, taxes included. So if you're hoping to fly for cheap, this little boat might be the place to start looking.

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