Cool clix

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Just because you threw out the boom box doesn't mean you can't make mix tapes. This new site enables you to create cute custom mixes and e-mail to friends.

You start by choosing music using their free music sources to add to your playlist. Not every song ever made is available, but what do want for free, people? I searched for Prince and double clicked on Let's Go Crazy to play the track, simply because I can pretend I'm skinny with big hair. Ah, memories. If you have a specific URL for a song, you can add that too.

Choose the songs you want on your playlist, and simply drag the song titles over to Your Playlist on the right side of the screen. It couldn't be easier.

Next, choose a photo you would like to add as a label to the outside of your virtual cassette tape. You can choose from one of the site's skins which resemble retro tape labels that take you back to the era of Love's Baby Soft and bra freezing. Or download their skin template and make your own. You can even choose the colors of the tape's gears, tape threader and more.

Then, hit send! Your high school friends will wonder how you had so much time and creativity to think of something as cool as this. Why not take a trip down memory lane and use this for a rockin' Christmas gift? The best part is, it's totally free. Free to be, you and me. Rock on.