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Wardrobe Therapy

This is so cool. It's a local Columbus company that "provides style and wardrobe services for individuals." They work closely with each client during an "in-closet" evaluation, where they edit, purge and style each individual client. Essentially it's like getting a visit from "What Not to Wear," only not quite so drastic and harsh.

Packages start around $300 and you can customize them. Check out their website: for more information. This would be the ultimate gift to give a special lady in your life. Or if YOU are the special lady and you would like a wardrobe makeover, print out this article and display it in subtle locations around the house (pillow, car seat, all coat pockets) so your partner gets the hint. Pull your resources with other family and friends and share the awesomeness of Wardrobe Therapy.

North Market holiday open house and craft extravaganza

This is not your average craft bazaar. Over 40 local crafters and artisans will be selling their handcrafted jewelry, soap, clothes, purses, artwork, and more from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on December 6 at the North Market.

What a great way to jump-start your holiday shopping. Original, not mass produced fashion and art pieces are the ultimate in personalized giving. Any item you can buy someone that has a cute story behind it instantly makes the gift more precious. These gifts are one of a kindjust like the loved ones in your life. The best gifts I gave last year (the ones that make Mom and Grandma cry and my husband jump with joy) all came from these local crafters.

The fashion forward bonus points for both these gift options is that you are buying from local merchants during a more than difficult economy. Now that's how real fashionistas work it! Trend setting, one of a kind gifts that support the local economy. How utterly fashionable.