Random raves

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

I recently traveled to Jamaica for my honeymoon. While some might argue I did not get a real Jamaican experience (we stayed at a resort) I did pick up on some cool local slang.

My new husband and I were admiring an artist's paintings (which we did buy) when he walked up to us and said, "Respect mon, you like the paintings." He held out his fist for my husband to give him a fist bump in return.

My husband bumped the artist's fist, and the artist smiled and showed us more of is work. We encountered other young men that night, and in various situations would tell us respect, mon, and hold out their fist for the customary fist bump.

Privately in our room we would practice our respect bump but I never felt cool enough to actually say it to someone. I'm still not exactly sure what it means but I think it means "thank you for being nice." In each instance where we received the respect bump we had either done or said something nice to one of the locals.

Basically we showed people some form of respect and it was acknowledged. Imagine if instead of saying thank you, you said respect.

You might be greeted with strange looks at first, but I think it will catch on because respect sounds more sincere and meaningful than thank you. In our American society of political sniping, greed, and indulgence maybe we should take a hint from our Jamaican friends start showing each other a little more respect, mon.