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Turn an ice cube tray into a jewelry organizer

If you've got an ice-maker, you probably don't need those extra trays that are sitting in your freezer. But they're perfect for sorting rings and small earrings.

Save your jelly jars

When you've finished jelly, peanut butter or mayo, wash the glass jar and remove the label. Now you've got a shabby-chic glass or mini-vase. (Yep, your grandma did this.) Or, before you remove the label, write the size of the jar on the bottom with a marker-now you've got a makeshift measuring cup.

Remove crayon marks with WD-40

The next time your little one goes wild writing on your walls, don't stress! Instead pull out WD-40. This household product that you usually use to stop squeaky hinges, also works brilliantly for removing crayon marks from most surfaces. Simply spray and wipe crayon right off. (You may also want to wipe surface with a soapy rag to remove any oil residue.)