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If we're honest, we all enjoy a little schadenfreude from time to time. There's something delightful about laughing at other people's suffering when they foolishly brought it on themselves. That's why Failblog has become such a big hit. Shatter your overhead light fixture while doing an ill-advised dance routine? FAIL. Total your truck while trying to ride on its windshield? FAIL. An oblivious child gets thwacked by a break dancer's errant roundhouse? EPIC FAIL. It's as easy as that! And it doesn't feel as sleazy as watching America's Funniest Home Videos.

Michael Ausiello is the best TV reporter in the business, scrounging for the scoops that no one else can secure. So when he left TV Guide for Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, he took his loyal following of "Ausholes" with him. Ausiello's blog at EW is an indispensable source for TV junkies thanks to news about casting, scheduling and other business stuff, plus hints and spoilers about upcoming plot developments. It was the place to find out 30 Rock was courting Mad Men's Jon Hamm for a guest role and the first to report Dr. Hahn's impending exit from Grey's Anatomy. Ausiello's rapport with TV's movers and shakers ensures he will keep such scoops coming for a long time.

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