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Columbus Parent

You're either going to love me or hate me for suggesting this site. For those of you social networking types, you probably know all about Twitter. For those of you SN newbies (or "snewbies"), it's sort of a mini-blog site where you can make quick posts, or "tweets," about what you're doing at that moment. Registration is quick and easy, and you don't have to be a blogger or writer to have fun.

As if it's not enough to have to post all day (what, you're not on the computer 24/7?), there's a subgroup of Twitter specifically for moms who tweet. On Twittermoms there's a bazillion things you can do: Join groups based on your interestsblogger moms, moms with larger families, fashion moms, moms with teens, politics-talking moms, and my personal fave, fabulous and 40. There are so many, you're sure to find a group that shares your interests.

For those of you who work from home or rely on the Internet for sales, this site could help fortify your numbers, especially if you have mom-specific products or services. You can post a blog entry about your area of expertise, including links to your blog or website, announce your contests or offers in the "contest" group, list your blog or business in the designated promotional areas within specific groups, post links to your poll or survey in the "polling" group and post whatever you would like on your profile page.

Along the way you'll make lots of nice friends from, say, Akron or even Anchorage. That's part of the beauty of Twitter-you can choose to "follow" anyone's tweets (if they allow you to, of course); not like on Facebook where you typically only "friend" people you know. I actually tweeted once and said, "Staci is sneezing," and one of my Twitter mom friends tweeted back, "Bless you." Awwww!

It's a whole new world out there, people. Think of it as sort of a global playdate. The only thing missing is all their messy kids running roughshod over your house