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One gadget has been around for centuries, though its inventor has been lost to history. This gadget has even been condoned by the Catholic Church, because of its purpose - to thwart infidelity, a sin.

This gadget is a chastity belt.

Chastity belts can be found on the internet (can't everything?). They come in designs for men (The Gauntlet goes for $200 at Fetishtoysrus, 800-275-4690) and women (The Female Enforcer goes for $250 at extremerestraints.com).

But the Gadget Spot isn't about a centuries-old product. It's about high-tech "toys." And this week, with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on everyone's mind, a chastity belt seems so yesterday.

On the other hand, GPS Lingerie (sets include a bodice, bikini bottom, faux pearl collar and global positioning system for $800) is very "today."

You may have read about an internet hoax involving GPS panties that made it into a number of newspapers about three years back, but this GPS Lingerie (lindelucy.com.br) is for real. It uses a pager-sized box that can be turned on and off by the wearer - the same technology that's at the heart of other GPS wizardry.

Lest you think this underwear is designed for directionally challenged women, Brazilian Lucia Iorio explains she introduced her "Find Me If You Can" line of delicates for the "modern techno-savvy woman."

GPS Lingerie has a lot in common with the Sprint Family Locator service ($5 a month at sprint.com), which keeps parents aware of the location of the kids (or at least their kids' cell phones), the Zoombak GPS dog locator ($200 at zoombak.com) and those sneaky "blackbox" devices some automakers put in their cars so insurance companies can reconstruct the circumstances of an accident.

Thanks to GPS Lingerie, I can tell you my babe is currently at Giant Eagle, which is where she said she was going.

But who's to say GPS Lingerie is about spying on your sweetie's whereabouts? One could actually argue GPS Lingerie is more about safety. The safety of knowing that in case of any trouble, I can go directly to the aid of my love.

Oh, crap! My babe's GPS Lingerie is no longer sending a locator signal. In the past, she's told me the GPS is blocked by "urban canyons" around town. I think it has more to do with the fact that the spice aisle is like an aphrodisiac for her.

Excuse me while I cruise the neighborhood to bring her back home.

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