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Especially before their annual showcase, they are on their A game. If it's an act, it's a good one. I don't really think it is. Case in point: the funny and candid Marisa Miller. During her show prep, she and I spoke about surfing, rock music, macaroni and cheese.

Here's a few of her firsts and lasts...

First time you got on a surfboard

First CD you ever bought

Nirvana Unplugged. I remember that because my sister and I -- that was our first CD. We had just gathered up some change, and we were actually a dollar short. But the guy at the record store was like, "This is the best album ever. I'm going to give it to you anyway."

First time you were paid to model

I think I was doing a Macy's catalog or something in San Francisco, probably 10 years ago.

First time you made a cover

My first cover, I think, was Self magazine, probably 2003.

First job you ever had

I worked in my grandfather's office. He ran a company that made exercise equipment, so I was the receptionist. And I actually got in trouble for not wearing makeup one day. He called my in his office and said, "Marisa, you need to put on some makeup and act professional."

First car you ever owned

I bought my grandfather's Mazda pickup truck, complete with racks on the back. I'm a very low-key, grounded person. I didn't really care what car I drove, so I took that truck that I had in Santa Cruz and moved to LA. I remember showing up to a club in Hollywood, and I looked like was going to mow people's lawns.

Last book you read

Everything Goes With Green by Sloan Barnett. She's a Today Show correspondent. It's about, you know, how to make your house more organic.

Last vacation you took

Halloween weekend, I took two days off. That's not really a long vacation, but I'll take what I can get now. I have a house in Santa Cruz, where I'm from. My favorite band, Kazac, was playing, so a bunch of my friends and I went down there. My favorite thing to do is hear live rock music.

Last time you ate a cheeseburger

In-and-Out. It was probably about a week and a half ago. It, time to get ready for the show and eat my last cheeseburger.

Last movie you watched

I started watching the Dark Knight on the plane, but I fell asleep. It's long, and I had a big morning when I got here.

Last time you went surfing

It's really embarrassing. It was probably two months ago. Everybody calls me the "surfer girl." Can I still say that if I haven't surfed in two months?