How to be aweome at jellifying your co-worker's stapler

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Everyone has an officemate who's just asking for punishment by way of office shenanigans. And there's no better manual for such mischief than The Office. Perhaps the show's most famous prank is the stapler-in-Jell-O gag, originally seen in the British version and recreated Stateside with Dwight's stapler. The result will leave everyone smiling and satisfied. That's what she said.

1 - Pick the pawn

Identify the co-worker most deserving of the ruse. Wait until he or she makes a break for the water cooler and snatch their stapler.

2 - Covert kitchen op

Find a kitchen with the following: a stove, a sink and a refrigerator. Next, head to your local grocer and obtain all the necessary ingredients: one box of clear gelatin with 32 separate packs, one box of colored Jell-O, two rulers and a pack of dental floss. Take that, MacGyver!

3 - Jiggle, jiggle

In a large bowl filled halfway with cold water, mix the entire box of gelatin together with half the colored Jell-O packet. Stir the powder until it completely mixes together. Next, fill the rest of the bowl with nearly boiled water. The mixture should begin to solidify.

4 - Suspend the stapler

To keep the stapler suspended in the Jell-O, tie dental floss to the two rulers and hook the stapler on the string. Make sure the stapler is upside down and dip it into the hardening Jell-O. The rulers should extend to each end of the bowl. Place the bowl in the refrigerator and wait about 24 hours.

5 - Surprise!

Take the bowl out of the fridge and remove the rulers and floss. Because of the massive amount of gelatin used, the Jell-O will feel a bit like rubber cement. Run warm water over the bowl to help dislodge the mold. Flip it over and place on a platter. Finally, return the jellified stapler to the target's desk drawer and await the office hullabaloo. To avoid being marked as a suspect, just look into the camera and impishly shrug. It always seems to work for Jim Halpert.