Lunch Break Links

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As someone who is always looking for cool new websites to put in this column, Stumble Upon is just about the most useful page I could have discovered. It's one of those compendium sites that just links to a bunch of other really cool content: a creepy news story about Jurassic Park science becoming more than fiction; a useful rundown of the world's best party hostels; a fun list of the top 10 craziest Japanese products (Diet Water!). A visit to Stumble Upon can keep you occupied for quite some time.

One site I discovered through Stumble Upon was this handy collection of lists entitled, appropriately though somewhat blandly, Interesting Top 10 Lists. Some of the lists are practical, like the assessment of the world's 10 worst currencies. Others are pure curiosities, such as a list of the top 10 most crippling phobias (topped by anemophobia, the fear of air) or a look at 10 fringe sports (dwarf tossing?) that you won't be seeing at the Olympics anytime soon. Total time waster, but an enlightening one.