Top 10 misspelled band names

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

10. Ratt

Does that extra "T" really elevate this band's badass quotient? Probably not, but it probably does help people find this hair-metal ensemble on Google.

9. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Making fun of your uptight gym teacher is sweet. Misspelling his name in a proto-nu-metal fashion is decidedly not sweet.

8. Twiztid

Perhaps this misspelling is the result of some bizarre Juggalo dialect. Or perhaps this psychopathic duo never graduated kindergarten, and this is their feeble attempt at English. It's a tossup!

7. Puddle of Mudd

Like Ratt, only worse! Not only did these Fred Durst proteges misspell their name, they picked one that conjures up images of the juniors' section at Kohl's.

6. Staind

These nu-metal balladeers, who will appear at the LC next Thursday for WNCI's Jingle Ball, are missing an "E." This is, in fact, appropriate because their music is all agony, no ecstasy.

5. Phish

It's not just brooding nu-metal dudes - hippies like to intentionally misspell names, too!

4. Def Leppard

This misspelling is extra dumb because the band's name still wouldn't make sense even if Deaf Leopard was spelled right. As it stands, the "Def" part of the name falsely alludes to a hip-hop influence that is nowhere to be found in the sound of Pyromania.

3. KoRn

To think so much angst could be wrought from four little letters! Meditating on this messy maize misspelling is like staring thoughtfully at a Mark Rothko painting, if Rothko paintings were really stupid.

2. Limp Bizkit

Some would call them the kings of misspelled band names. But one of the words is spelled properly, so the real champions are

1. Wyld Stallyns

The band fronted by Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan is undeniably the best and worst use of intentional misspelling: two words that embody the spirit of rock 'n' roll, mangled almost past the point of recognition. Plus, credit is due for any band that literally saves the world with rock.