Neighborhood fashionista

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

This article goes against everything I have ever told you. Sometimes fashion has no place in the place you are in. For months I have been ranting and raving about various fashion trends, styles, and disasters-telling your what to wear and what to avoid. Now, am I'm going to tell you to throw fashion out the window and embrace fanny packs and animal sweaters? Not really.

While honeymooning in Jamaica, I met a couple of ladies and got to chatting about work. When I mentioned I write a fashion column, both ladies perked up and went so far as to exclaim, "You're like Carrie Bradshaw!" Yeah, I guess I kinda am, only in Columbus and not writing about sex.

They asked if I had seen any fashion faux pas on the beach that I would write about when I got home. I replied yes and lied that I had seen a hideous outfit. Yes I lied! Mostly because I realized I hadn't seen any outfit disasters. This is not because all the worlds' elite fashionistas had converged on the island that weekend. Far from it. It was because I was so infected with island good cheer I didn't notice the fashion folly going on all around. I actually began to think I had, gasp, packed too many clothes.

This relaxing of fashion rule does not mean you can go to the grocery store in Dublin wearing pajama pants and slippers. That is still a big no-no. What it does mean is when you finally get a vacation from your life, you should be able to shut down your brain and not care what you are wearing, what size you are, or how you really look in that bathing suit. No one else is looking or judging because they are all escaping their reality too. Just remember when you come home and get back to reality, hang up the fanny pack. Cuz I'm watchin'.