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Columbus Parent

My husband and I own four TVs in a two-bedroom apartment; we also do not have cable. Only one TV actually receives a television signal, and that is the little 12-inch screen complete with tin foil bunny ears in our bedroom.

Are we too poor for cable? Is this a sacrifice we are making in a down economy? No, we both make enough money to put food in our bellies and the dog's bowl, both cars are almost paid off, and we recently had a large wedding, which was followed by a windfall of wedding money. So why are we lacking a utility that seems almost as necessary as electricity? We found a better, cheaper way of getting our entertainment. We have an Internet connection and watch our favorite shows online.

Our Netflix subscription is the best gift we ever received. Each week we get several movies delivered to our home and we watch them on our schedule, not a television network's. We also use the X Box 360 to automatically download movies straight through Netflix. Mothers and wives everywhere rejoice. The X Box 360 can act as entertainment for everyone in the house and isn't just another way for husbands and sons to avoid chores.

It all sounds too technical and intimidating, right? I thought so too, but now we save over $100 a month and still see the cool shows you do, just none of the commercials. Think of this as an opportunity to connect with the men in your life. Have them show you how to access Netflix on the X Box 360. Chances are they already know how. This will amount to quality time spent with the family learning something new together, no more cable bills, less than an afternoon of time spent on the new project, and no more commercials.