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Waaaaaaaay back in high school I attended a ton of rock concerts. I, of course, told Mom I was at the "library," but really was flicking my Bic at Iron Maiden. There was this one time that I saw a man use his teeth as a bottle opener. But that's another story.

What I now regret is not the fact that I fibbed to my parents, it's that I pitched out all those classic rocker tees, thinking I was too fashionable to wear them anymore. Seriously, those would really be worth something these days. Maybe even on Antique Road Show!

In the past 5 years or so, I've begun a collection of sorts of fun, funky, unusual T-shirts. I like to find them in obscure places. Not just at Target or Kohl's, because even though they have some great vintage looks, I could walk out of the door and see my neighbor wearing the same thing. Not cool.

Enter This site has the coolest graphic tees that a mom could actually wear. There's a fine line between being casually cool and "Hey, I'm 40 but I want to look 25!" Here you can find tees like the snarky one with the gingerbread man jumping out of his cut out dough, a tree running down the street stealing birdhouse "pocketbooks," or a small child with an axe being abducted by a bunch of potential Christmas trees.

Personally, I like the one with the mommy and baby kangaroo. Mom kanga keeps her baby joey in her pouch right next to her cupholder, a place to stash keys and her cellphone pocket.

The best part is they're el cheapo! Most of the tees are around $15 and there are lines of shirts for guys, gals and kids. Check out the $5 tees on the kids tab. Other items like hoodies and onesies also are available.

Start the new year lookin' good from It's tee-riffic.