Earth mama

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Before my father became civilized (read here: married) he would wrap all his family's presents in newspaper. If it was a special occasion he would use the very colorful funnies as his wrapping paper. Now my mother makes sure all packages are wrapped in lovely occasion-appropriate wrapping paper or a nice gift bag. Little did Dad know his bachelor ways would one day be the new hip way to wrap gifts and be eco-chic.

Wrapping paper has unusually high concentrations of metal that makes it almost impossible to recycle. Below are some fun, easy alternatives to wrapping paper that are easy to recycle and easy on your wallet.

  • Make your own wrapping paper by recycling ordinary items from your house. Colorful magazine pages, the comics, wacky personals pages, and phone book listings all make interesting and unique wrapping materials. Think of this as bachelor chic.
  • Collect brown paper throughout the year or buy a roll. Decorate the paper with colorful stamps and, voila! Beautiful wrapping paper.
  • Get in the habit of wrapping your family presents in funky fabric and ribbons that you reuse every year. If you're super crafty, make cloth sacks out of fun fabric and ribbon closures or knit one. Thrift stores often have great options for inexpensive fabrics.
  • I like to take plain white paper and write a special holiday message to the recipient on the paper. It adds a special personal touch to your gifts.