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People love social networking tools. This generation seems to live for uploading videos, pictures and music to the web then waiting anxiously for comments while ogling everything their friends launch into cyberspace.

People also dig competition. The Columbus-based developers behind Be The Better Man hope to strike a nerve by combining these passions.

The site allows users to upload all varieties of content. But rather than just sharing media with friends, people enter their video, audio and photos into user-created challenges such as "Who has the best dance moves?," "Who can make the funniest face?" and "Who is the best Buckeye fan?"

Want to pit your guitar skills against the world? Think the sunset you captured last summer is the most picturesque vista you've ever seen? You can create a challenge along those lines or find one that already exists. But don't get too greedy - the site keeps statistics about your record in these online showdowns.

Another cool aspect of the site: The challenges you create can be public or private, giving you the option of taking on the world or just your social circle.

All LOLcats, all the time. What more do you people need?

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