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Week in review

The Broncos, Cowboys and Jets all disappointed this week, but except for the latter their players put up good numbers.

Not in the playoffs, or your season is already over? Here's what you do: Copy all the stats from your league, and file them away until next August.

If you ran your league on one of the popular websites, you likely have a function that allows you to look at, say, the last four weeks of the season. Note your impressions of who was hot and who was not while it's still fresh in your mind. Then come armed with that data to the '09 draft.

Who to Start

Yes, some NFL playoff teams have everything sewn up, or as sewn up as they're going to get, but most are still jockeying for spots.

Teams that are out of it, like the Saints, would much rather finish 9-7 as opposed to 8-8. Even "chump" games, as Don Imus' brother Fred calls them, hold meaning for the players and coaches, many of whom are fighting to keep their jobs.

Plus, even though the Cards are locked in, does QB Kurt Warner really need a week off? Check team websites as games approach.

Waiver Wire Watch

TE Visanthe Shiancoe may still be on the wire, since he didn't explode until a lot of people were out of it. Ditto Minnesota teammate QB Tarvaris Jackson. Dallas RB Tashard Choice also may still be available.

Speaking of, look for the back-ups of teams that may rest stars, but don't look too deep. There's a reason they're not starters.