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Do we need another all-encompassing media site tackling music, movies and TV? Some would argue that the web is already sufficiently saturated with such content. But it's hard to argue with an operation that brings together Zap2It's formidable couch critic Dan Fienberg, Ain't It Cool News' film freak Drew McWeeny and Billboard's Melinda Newman to cover rhythms and melodies. The year-in-review features that helped launch the site paint a picture of what to expect: They focus on the best of the mainstream while still digging at least a few feet underground.

Once envisioned as an online CD-trading depot and later teamed with beloved Cincinnati-based radio station WOXY, LaLa has re-launched again with a mission more suitable for the digital age. Instead of trading those increasingly irrelevant plastic discs, now you can build an online music library, a sprawling network of tunes accessible wherever you can get online. There's a cool sliding price scale: 1. Listen to any of the service's six million songs for free once a day. 2. Pay 10 cents per song for unlimited streaming rights. 3. Download MP3s for 79 cents or more.

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