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Columbus Parent

Another year has ended, the champagne has been drunk, and it's time to start dieting- again. So what do we have to look forward to fashion-wise in '09? Will it be a prosperous or preposterous new year? Let's just say some of the 2009 trends will make us stay on our diet way past February.

One shoulder tops and dresses

This look will be the queen of fashion trends this year, morphing over into tops, dresses and even bikinis. So start toning those arms, you will be showing them off. Don't go crazy, you don't need a closet of shoulderless shirts, but maybe two tops and one summer dress will suffice.

See through, nude and sheer fashions

I don't know about you, but I don't like sheer fashions. It's a pain to buy a new dress then have to go buy another dress to go underneath it because let's face it, sheer and workplace do not go hand in hand. Buy one cool sheer piece that can double for work or play and pass this fashion by.

One shoulder and cut away bikinis

This is another incarnation of the one shoulder craze. I think bikinis without a shoulder are going too far. A bikini by nature has an upsetting lack of material and taking away one of the key ways I hold it up is going too far. The cutaway bikinis I like better. They feel like a sneaky way of using more material, but with the draw back of strange tan lines. As long as you're okay with your torso looking like a zebra's you'll like this fashion just fine.

Ripped jeans

Hooray! I am so excited ripped jeans are back! I am a child of the grunge '90s and ripped jeans and flannel shirts were all the rage. This time around try to neaten this fashion up. Wear a nice fitted top with ripped jeans and Chuck Tailors and you'll look like an original rock star wherever you go!

Greek dresses

This look flatters everyone. The draped material and empire waist can disguise a bigger midsection and be quite slimming. The colors are royal and amazing. They will make any woman feel like a Greek goddess.

Exposed stomach/midriff

No. No. No. I refuse, we refuse. We have all been there and done that. No thank you, we are done.