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Our Family Fit for Life participants experienced first-hand what focus is needed to shed body fat and make lifestyle changes. When you commit to make significant changes, it helps to have your loved ones right there by your side to lean on, so the support continues outside the club. Anyone can lose weight if they are removed from their daily routine and grind through 6 hours of exercise a day, consuming minimal nutrition and calories. The reality that applies to most people is squeezing in an hour at the club during a normal hectic week after a full day of work or school. Our program at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club provides the planning, motivation, and a strong professional support system needed to get you in and out with results.

Terri and Tressa Killela won our 8-week challenge with consistent planning, effort, and a strong sense of teamwork during each workout, not to mention 15 pounds of lost weight between the mother and daughter team. These all inclusive "trainer-led" workouts focused on pushups, squats, and hill walking to increase heart and muscle strength, while dropping body fat.

Avoid relying on the Subway guy and other product-selling media sources for your information on exercise. Everyone has a different exercise history and musculoskeletal concerns. Our trainers will help apply research and experienced-based knowledge that is appropriate for you. Some clients have an athletic background, while others may have a history of diabetes or other health-related concerns, and everyone has some mode of exercise they hate. Treating yourself to some time with a trainer can help outline your specific goals and how they can be achieved in the time you have available. Having a plan and an idea on how to structure a week of workouts will save you time, discouragement and money.

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