I'm staying at my job ... now what?

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If you've determined that staying in your current job makes the most sense for now, there are many tactics and tips for enhancing your professional reputation - and maybe even positioning yourself for promotion.

Your first course of action - the most important of all, and the one most often overlooked - is to ensure that you exude a positive attitude.

I don't mean a positive attitude just toward your boss, but your attitude about your job, toward yourself and your general disposition. Skipping this step will completely undermine anything else you attempt to do to look good at work.

Many people don't like their jobs. They don't like the work, their hours, co-workers or the commute, not to mention the complaint that rings in my ears: "I don't like my boss."

But if you've made the decision to stay, you must find a way to make peace with the parts of your job you don't like.

Making peace doesn't mean you have to like it. It just means you've accepted that you're not changing jobs anytime soon and you're going to make the best of it. So, let go of minor irritations (every job has them) and focus on the things you do like.

Next, set a course to become the best performing employee in your department. Create a personal challenge for yourself - a goal that can act as your guiding light. It will also set up your resume for future opportunities, since the best employee in the department gets the best projects and the best recommendations.

This can be accomplished by becoming the departmental knowledge-base, out-performing your goals and creating a professional look - complete with clothing that positions you for the job you want, not the job you have.

In short, show up to work with a good attitude, dressed well, go above and beyond and you'll be surprised how much better you - and your boss - will feel about your job.

Molly Luffy, MBA helps people create more career satisfaction and success through her coaching programs and articles. E-mail your career question to molly@jobpromotionsecrets.com.

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