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So to show my goodwill to y'all, I'm sharing a site filled with GOOD news, called Smile-Therapy: [Yes, I checked it on, jeez!]

What is Smile-Therapy? In its simplest form, Smile-Therapy asks

1. Can you use more good news in your life?

2. Would you like access to thousands of invaluable tips, ideas and information?

According to their site, Smile-Therapy uses a two-pronged approach of delivering good news as an alternative to all the negative "static" in today's world.

First, expect an email to look forward to opening each and every day. Smile-Therapy is constantly researching (reading books, subscribing to periodicals, combing the Internet, watching the media, going to seminars and keynote speakers, and so on). They look for anything they think will be productive or useful to you. In a nutshell, they find good news, fun stuff, and valuable information. Basically anything that has positive energy.

Second, Smile-Therapy also has a treasure chest of information, known as the Library of Wisdom (LoW). The LoW consists of 20 different categories from animals/pets, to money/finance, to hobbies/sports, to woman's interests, to the "catch all" category, gobble-de-gook. The LoW has several thousand pieces of valuable information from people all over the world. A place for Smile-Therapy'ers and the general public to share something they think others will benefit from.

But (and there's always just a little bit of but, right?), you must subscribe in order to partake of the goodness sent directly to your inbox: $55 per year, or $5 per month. The site gives you a "More than your money back guarantee" which states "any month you feel it wasn't worth $5, we'll write you a check for $6." However, you must follow these two rules: Read each email daily and occasionally visit their tips section of the site.

You can also read the archived sections for free, but that feels a little dishonest now, doesn't it? After all, we're all trying to make positive change nowadays. And isn't that person going to all the trouble of sending you those daily gems worth 5 bucks a month? I thought so.

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