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Then why am I reviewing what should be next in a long line of horrible translations? Well, quite possibly for the first time, Activision and Dreamworks got a movie video game right.

Madagascar 2: (Wii, PS2, X360, DS) ESRB-E10+

Players start by completing little tasks for King Julian. Each task is played in mini-game style. After gathering specific items, you board the plane and off to Africa you go for the main part of the game. Like Madagascar the movie, King Julian is your narrator and leads you off into more mischief and mini-games, which loop and wind around the main story.

Use Alex the Lion to roar and scare off birds from luggage, Gloria the Hippo to bull rush crates, Melman the Giraffe to head bash boards back together and Marty the Zebra to kick luggage around. All to satisfy King Julian's needs.

This is a pretty solid game with simple enough controls for younger gamers and enough challenge to keep older gamers entertained for hours. The game boasts unlockables for multiplayer mini-games and trinkets for your characters to wear.

Also, check out the DS version for motion controls and use the microphone to start each of the character's special moves.

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