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We are drowning in dog hair! Send the coast guard, throw us a life ring, and send in the sharks! Wait, what?

Our beloved Dalmatian sheds like it's her job. Everything in our house is covered in her fur. To make matters worse, her hair is very course and it weaves itself into material fibers, making it nearly impossible to remove.

The carpet, our clothes, the blankets, the furniture, the teacups (ew), and the stairs are all coated in a fine layer of white fur. To combat the puppy fur that edges ever closer to taking over our happy home I acquired a Shark.

The Shark is a cordless hand vacuum that is supposed to provide superior pet hair pick up. And it does! It's great for the stairs and furniture. So great in fact that during the mass clean up in our house over the weekend, my husband came up the stairs with the Shark in hand exclaiming, "This thing is great, you should totally write about it."

Any sweeper than makes the dog hair go away and gets my husband to help clean is a great thing! The Shark VX33 retails for $59.99 and is available at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.

Shark vs. Dalmation? Shark wins.

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