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Cry baby

Stick your head in the freezer for a couple of seconds after cutting an onion to stop your eyes from tearing.

Thaw out

Whatever you do, don't zap meat in the microwave to thaw it! It cooks the meat from the inside out, which removes moisture, retains the freezer aftertaste, and leaves the meat gritty. Instead, wrap your cuts in small, re-sealable packages before you freeze them. Then, when dinner is just a couple of hours away and you haven't had time to thaw the main course in the refrigerator, soak it (bag and all) in cold water for about two hours.

Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine

When in doubt, whip up a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich for dinner to save time. Make it with natural peanut butter, real fruit jam, and whole-grain bread. That way it's healthy and filling, just like a complex, time-consuming dinner.

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