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Looking for a quick nostalgia fix? Songs You Used to Love has got you covered. It's really nothing too revolutionary: Every day the blog posts a forgotten hit from yesteryear. They don't reveal which tune they've dug up; you just have to click and see. So basically it's like an oldies station that only plays one song per day. But there's something appealing about anticipating each day's upload. The mystery blogger recently posted tracks from the likes of Queen, Chumbawumba and Vertical Horizon, each dredging up myriad memories. One objection, though: Do Keane and the All-American Rejects really qualify for this kind of nostalgia? Is it too much to demand a 10-year buffer?

If it's new music you're after, you could hardly do better than the frequently updated blog run by the staff of the supremely hip music mag known as The Fader. Every day the site offers videos and free downloads from artists so cutting-edge that I've never heard of most of them. (There's also a lot of Kanye to balance things out.) In addition, the web series Fader TV presents interviews with more up-and-comers like Young Chris. (There goes the rap name I was planning to use! I wonder if "Old Chris" is still available ...)

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