Tee party

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If there's one thing that a true, die-hard golfer hates besides getting stuck behind Johnny Mulligan for a round, it is winter in Ohio. The frigid temperatures and heavy helpings of treacherous wind make for adverse golfing conditions, to say the least.

There is, however, at least one place in town where a links fiend can take his or her hacks without the pesky frostbite. At Tee'd Up in Worthington, golfers can choose from 22 actual PGA courses, all under one roof.

The indoor facility features several state-of-the-art personal golfing cubes where players swing an actual club to hit an actual ball into a large screen projecting the selected course. It even measures distance and trajectory based on every drive, chip and putt.

And for the spring breakers that opt for the staycation this year, it makes perfect sense for the wallet. "A trip to Pebble Beach will run $500 a round, plus airfare," said Tee'd Up owner Colin Wise. "Here, it's $29, cart included."

While a cart isn't necessary, proper golf etiquette is. Go easy on that mulligan button - it gets busy on the weekends.