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Had your fair share of family budgeting tips from various experts? We'd bet that for most families who've actually taken the extensive time to review their finances, credit card debt and cell phone bills were likely at the top of their list of monthly expenses.

For busy families who are still worried about their finances, but don't have the time to go through every bill and comparison shop, take a look at, the free web tool and consumer advocate that helps cut down significantly on everyday bills like credit cards and cell phones, saving on average $1,000 a year and $300 a year respectively.

BillShrink does all the work for busy moms and dads. Check it out at All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your credit card spending, or upload your online cell phone bill, and BillShrink creates a customized recommendation of money-saving plans.

BillShrink will even send alerts when credit card issuers change their terms, increase interest rates, or impose default penalties. These practices are typically imposed on consumers without advance notification. For instance, if a family is late on a utility payment, it can affect their default on a credit card payment, without them even knowing.

Go onto the site and at the bottom of the homepage you'll see testimonials from such widely known companies as PC Magazine, The Today Show, CNN and The Wall Street Journal. BillShrink was on's 2008 list of the best websites.

They also have a blog with some great tips, like a list of the top 10 things consumers overpay for, and 25 things we should stop wasting our money on.

Shrinkage is good.