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Last question's results:

Should teens be charged with child pornography and labeled as sex offenders for "sexting?"

40% Yes

60% No


Unless it was done with malicious intent. I honestly do not believe they understand that this is against the law. I would suggest the schools discuss this circumstance in class before a teen makes this bad judgment call.


Digital images are easy to share and upload to the web. They, and the harm they cause, last forever. Kiddie porn is kiddie porn, regardless of who creates it. There should be consequences for anyone who creates or distributes child pornography.


Kids are being charged as sexual offenders for this? Spend time fighting real criminals not punishing kids for being stupid. That's their parents' job.


That is what it is!


No, it's a situation that should be handled by their parents, not the authorities.


Teens in Texas may soon need permission from a doctor to use a tanning bed. In Massachusetts, a teenager under 18 needs a signed permission from their parent to use a tanning bed. What do you think?