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Columbus Parent

It's almost spring and you know what that means. Time to organize the closet and go shop more! To have a successful reorganization you will need to maximize your space and rearrange your clothes. Here are some helpful tips on how to accomplish this:

  • Start from scratch. That means take EVERYTHING out of the closet. It's only temporary, but you'll need to pick a day when you can carry every single item out of your closet.
  • While everything is out, clean the closet. It probably needs a good dusting and sweeping, and this will make all your clothes feel fresh and new.
  • Now, sort each and every item and place each article of clothing into one of the following piles:
    • Daily wear
    • Special occasions
    • Donate or give away
  • Don't assume everything still fits. It's already out of the closet, so you may as well try it on.
  • If something doesn't fit exactly as it should right now, but you are 100 percent certain it will fit fine very soon, then you should put that item in the "when I'm thin again" pile. Make sure this pile is only three items deep. If you do get thin again, treat yourself with new clothes.
  • Stick to your guns. Don't talk yourself into switching piles at the last minute. Like with most things, your first instinct is always the best choice. And don't allow any non-clothing items back in the closet. No suitcases. No vacuum cleaners. No coats. No boxes, bags or linens. These things all belong elsewhere.
  • Think ROY G BIV-- Start at the upper left side of your closet (like you read a page in a book). Group all red items together, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet garments. Then group your white, black, brown, and gray items together.
  • Pay attention to missing colors and note the colors you seem to have the most of.
  • Separate your now color-sorted clothes into types:
    • Bottoms: skirts, pants, capris
    • Tops: shirts, jackets, blouses.