Random raves

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Airline travel stinks. It's a frustrating experience of hidden fees, shoe removal, stained seats, and jerks who take the Sky Mall magazine for the whole flight (yes, I mean you, the woman who flew out of Columbus to D.C. on Wednesday).

If that wasn't enough, you have to dump out all your liquids and buy the $3 bottle of water on the other side of security. Well no more!

My traveling companions this weekend showed me a wonderful approach to getting around the liquid issue. Bring your own water bottle. You know the one you are supposed to be using to keep plastic out of landfills? Yes that one. Bring it though security empty and fill it up at a water fountain once you've scrambled through security. Then you'll be sipping away on free water while the woman hogging the Sky Mall magazine will be buying $2 half-cans of Coke on the plane. Ahhh, free is the best revenge.