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Each spring, the fields and parks around Columbus come alive with young adults playing basketball and baseball, volleyball and tennis. For the most part, these sports are clumsier versions than what you remember from your high-school glory days, and players are more eager to make friends rather than highlight reels.

"Right now, with the weather turning, it's a good way to get outside," said Ryan Ransom, sports marketing director for, which organizes adult leagues across the country. "For people new to the city, it's a great way to make some new friends."

Here are some adult sports leagues to help kick off the spring.

Aussie rules football

Registration deadline: Open

Cost: Free to practice; $100 to play in sanctioned games

Skill level: Competitive

Start date: March 10

Season length: Regular games through October


The Columbus Jackaroos train Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-7:30 p.m., at Tuttle Park. They welcome new players to practice and play in local games usually held on Saturdays. The season runs through October, and the team travels throughout the Midwest for sanctioned road games.


Registration deadline: April 3

Cost: $385 per team

Skill level: Recreational & competitive

Start date: April 17

Season length: 10 games


The Columbus Recreation and Parks department hosts numerous adult sport leagues throughout the year, including basketball, football, soccer and volleyball. Weekly coed softball leagues will be offered Monday-Friday at Berliner Park, Tuesday at Tuttle Park and Friday and Sunday at Busch Park. Men's, women's, church and corporate leagues are forming, too.

Indoor soccer

Registration deadline: March 22

Cost: $580 per team

Skill level: Recreational & competitive

Start date: Week of March 30

Season length: Seven games


During its spring session, the Easton indoor sports complex welcomes about 50 coed and men's teams in separate divisions for all adults and the over-30 crowd. The popular open coed leagues usually play Sunday or Monday nights, and the final schedule will be decided once registration concludes.

Team tennis

Registration deadline: April 11

Cost: $65 individual; $240 team (plus per-player fees)

Skill level: Recreational & competitive

Start date: Week of April 11

Season length: Nine weeks


A coed team-tennis match is actually decided by six quick matches: men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles and two coed doubles. The new Saturday morning league at Whetstone Park will bring together players with a wide range of skills. A pair of Tuesday night team-tennis leagues also will be offered.


Registration deadline: April 7

Cost: $38 individual; $240 team (plus per-player fees)

Skill level: Recreational

Start date: Week of April 7

Season length: Nine weeks


With the Statehouse league in jeopardy, players can turn to Goodale Park, home to coed recreational leagues on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. SportsMonster also will host upcoming kickball leagues at Antrim Park and Cobra Field in Gahanna.

Getting started

Ryan Ransom of shared these tips for first-timers who want to get involved in an adult sports league.

Go it alone. If you don't want the responsibility of gathering your friends, many leagues will assign individuals or small groups to a team.

Know your level. Those eager to make friends and share a few laughs will have more fun in recreational leagues. Former pros should stick to competitive ones.

One at a time. Your renewed vigor for staying active is good, but when starting out, sign up for one league at a time.

Be flexible. The day of league play rarely changes, but sometimes games are played at different times. Make sure you're available for the window of time listed.