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Y'know, dads get a bad wrap. So many of today's shows for kids portray Dad as a bumbling buffoon. Truth is, dads have their own unique way of parenting and it's about time someone recognized that. Enter

Dictionary for Dads arose amid concerns of everyday fathers who sought to promote their knowledge, education, experience and resources as it pertains to becoming an excellent father. As an organization, their goal is to assist fathers in raising healthy and happy children and nurturing a great relationship with them.

There's a ton of info on the site: everything from children's oral hygiene, to helping dads understand their daughter's menstrual cycle. You may chuckle, but what are single dads to do? Or what if Dad is the primary communicator in the family? What if he's simply caught off guard by his child's questions and "go ask your mother" won't do?

The co-founder, Robert Livingstone, having experienced many dilemmas as a father of three, made a very clear assessment that there is very little quality literature available for dads today. "The role of a father becomes so complex at times and I personally could have used some direction like a dictionary for dads."

Dictionary for Dads provides resources and information which are fundamental in assisting men in making informed decisions based on education, research and practical experience all provided by Dictionary for Dads. "In doing so, we strive to reinforce the positive male role model in our society while increasing the social welfare of children throughout our world," said Livingstone.

Dictionary for Dads believes that the label of "dad" is one which is earned not one that is provided through birth. Well, it's about time!