Digital Upgrade Delay Means More Time to Tackle TV Accessories

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(ARA) Have you been glued to the TV this year, watching the economic crisis evolve, much as your great-grandparents huddled around the radio during the Great Depression? Keeping up with the news is more important than ever when times are tough, and today many Americans turn to TV as their primary source of news.

And while many people are cutting back on unnecessary expenses like vacations and luxury items, most of us still view television as an essential source of current news and cheap entertainment. With Congress' recent decision to delay the switch to digital until June 12, Americans will have more time to upgrade to digital technology if they still have an analog set. And many with digital TVs may view upgrading their home entertainment as a cost-effective alternative to spending on entertainment outside the home.

If you decide to invest in a new TV, you have more options than simply setting it on top of a TV stand or cabinet. And if your $3,000 high-definition, wide-screen plasma TV is perched atop a $15 plastic crate, it may be a good time to upgrade your accessories.

"The possibilities are really endless thanks to innovations in the technology available to support these TVs," says Jim Wohlford, vice president and general manager of Sanus Systems, a manufacturer of audio video furnishings, mounts and accessories.

Prefer a more traditional look? Rather than just setting your new TV on a dresser or TV stand, dress up your living space with a piece from the Sanus Component AV Foundations line. Sanus furniture looks fantastic and is designed specifically for audio/video equipment.

The features of Sanus' furniture make it easier to store AV components in the cabinets, and a convection cooling system upholds the quality of the components so they don't overheat and become damaged. The furniture is also constructed to improve audio quality by virtually eliminating resonance from audio systems. The cabinets have flexibility built into them such as deep adjustable shelves to accommodate the varying sizes of AV components. Every component in your system will have multiple cables. Generous cable management channels in the Foundations furniture hide all cables for a clean appearance.

If you prefer a contemporary look, the Sanus VisionMount line offers a variety of wall mounting options for flat-panel TVs, including many full-motion mounts that tilt, swivel and extend away from the wall for limitless viewing angle options. Some of the company's most popular models include the VisionMount MF215 for medium TVs and the VisionMount VMAA26 for large TVs. People looking for an advanced, even more high-tech option might like Sanus' VisionMount LA112 automated wall mount, which lets the viewer adjust the TV angle with a remote control and preset favorite angles for frequent use.

Not sure how you want to put your TV on display? Go to for even more ideas. Sanus Systems products are available at thousands of retail locations nationwide. A store locator is available on the Web site.

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