Egress Window Well Systems Provide Safety and Peace of Mind

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(ARA) - With families spending more time in basement living spaces, such as kids' playrooms and home theaters, safety is more important than ever before. A fire can spread throughout a home in as little as two minutes, so homeowners must be prepared. Egress Systems provide escape routes that even children can operate on their own.

Egress-style window wells are now required by law for all new home construction. They can also be added to any existing home affordably and with ease. Wellcraft Egress Systems can provide the safety-conscious homeowner with peace of mind. These life-saving systems enable adults and children to escape danger from the basement quickly, easily and reliably. According to the International Residential Code, egress windows and wells must be installed in each basement-level bedroom as well as in other basement living spaces.

Each maintenance-free Wellcraft Egress System features a built-in step ladder and lightweight well cover that even a small child can remove from the inside to get out of the house fast. These light but sturdy, durable covers provide an added level of protection, preventing children and animals from accidentally falling into the well from the outside or sustaining injuries. A closed well cover can hold up to 500 pounds, so stepping across or playing near one is not a hazard for children.

Not only do Wellcraft Egress Systems enhance the safety of any home, they enhance its attractiveness and fill basement rooms with a natural ambient light to create a calm, relaxing environment. Window wells are available in nature-inspired sandstone or granite grey colors to accent any interior decor and complement any home's exterior. They can further beautify the view looking out from the basement living space when homeowners nest a small potted plant or two at the base of the well, outside the window.

Adding a Wellcraft Egress System to an existing home is a breeze for professional remodelers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts alike. Remodelers can easily install any Wellcraft system in a single day. Window wells are available as one-piece units or modular units for stacking to the desired depth without the need for bracing. A variety of well cover options are available, including clear polycarbonate flat and dome covers -- all covers are a snap to attach.

Robustly constructed from polyethylene with UV inhibitors, Wellcraft Egress Systems offer durable, maintenance-free enjoyment for many years. They provide exceptional weather resistance in all climates and will not rust, dent or compromise safety with sharp edges. All Wellcraft Egress Systems come with a 10-year warranty against rust, rot and decay.

Wellcraft Egress Systems is a division of The Tapco Group. For more information, visit or call (888) 812-9545.

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