The Official Guide to Your Weekend

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Columbus Alive

For this week's Pet Peeves Issue, we asked Alive readers to share some of the daily annoyances that get under their skin. We got a great response from Bren in Hilliard - an irritation that turned out to be well-timed.

Bren's pet peeve is "When people say there is nothing to do in Columbus. There are tons of things to do every day. This is a great city!"

What Bren didn't know when she e-mailed us - but what you've already noticed - is that this week we've unveiled a new look for Alive, and the changes we made underscore just how much there is to do here.

In fact, we've got 281 events listed in this issue's A-List calendar, and another 580 at If you still can't find something to do, I don't think the problem is a lack of options.

Alive has always been the go-to source for local arts and entertainment, but with the new design we're bringing that forte front and center - making our events previews easier to navigate, and highlighting the expertise of our writers and editors.

Alive is now the Official Guide to Your Weekend. You can rely on us to let you know about the best fashion, shopping, exhibits, plays, music, movies, dining and nightlife, along with the comprehensive A-List calendar of events.

Here are just a few highlights you can check out as you enjoy our new look:

Page 16: Things We Love

This new feature was inspired by the pop-culture riffs at our weekly staff meetings. We're always talking about random things we love - like Dunkin' Donuts coffee, a favorite website or an old flick re-released on DVD - that don't quite fit into our other coverage areas. Now we've got a place to write about them, no matter how off-the-wall.

Page 18: Window Shopping

Brittany Kress' column covering local boutiques has been expanded, anchoring our fashion and shopping coverage along with What Are You Wearing? style profiles, Skin Deep beauty features and Gadget Spot tech reviews.

Page 22: Venture

Many of your favorite columns have been reorganized by topic in the front half of the paper. John Ross' weekly outdoors column Venture anchors the sports and rec columns, along with Crew Cuts and the hot-button Scorecard issues tackled by the crew at 97.1 The Fan.

Page 30: Arts & Entertainment

Each of the reviews sections in the back half of the paper - Arts & Entertainment, Movies, Music, Dining and Nightlife - begins with a banner that conveniently lists all the shows, flicks, bands or bars covered in the section. You'll also notice that each review is clearly labeled up top with the name of the show, band or eatery, along with the relevant event info or venue info.

Page 34: Movies

Melissa Starker's excellent film reviews - along with letter grades for all recent releases - now have their own section. Of course there's much more at, where you can search for showtimes and buy movie tickets.

Page 40: Sensory Overload

Chris DeVille's new column covering local music is a spin-off from his blog of the same name. It's another one of the many ways that our print and web coverage is more integrated than ever.

Page 44: Dining

Restaurant reviews by longtime food critic G.A. Benton cover hot new eateries as well as favorite dishes at old standbys. G.A. visits a lot of restaurants each week - you can trust his expert picks for the best places to eat and drink.

Page 48: Nightlife

The expanded Nightlife section includes profiles of bars and bartenders and Miss Bella's You've Been Spotted photos from happy hours and events.

Page 56: The A-List

Nobody does calendar listings better than Alive's Nikki Davis - in breadth, depth and accuracy. There's just not a better place to find out what's going on this weekend.

Page 78: Free Will Astrology

Rob Brezsny's astrological musings have been moved to the end of the Classifieds, along with the comics and sudoku on the Super Happy Fun Page. Of course, Rob probably saw that coming.

The weekly paper is just the beginning. There's a lot more stuff online, but it isn't just more of the same. features new content every day, including videos, blogs, photos and our interactive guides to bars, restaurants and The A-List.

We hope you enjoy Alive's new look - and we especially hope it helps you enjoy your weekend. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any comments or questions.