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Through many hours of working with women and men, reading other professionals' advice and talking with our elders, we have found many "secrets of the trade" to be tried and true.

For instance, one may wonder how to keep the underarms of their white tees or oxfords white? Or the revolving question regarding the best way to keep their denim dark? Or what about getting rid of musty smells?

A few tricks of the trade we rely on:

1. Whitening up those underarm stains

Need: A tablet of aspirin and a washing machine.

The magic: First add your stained tees/oxfords. Let the water fill up the washing machine (temperature doesn't matter). Detergent should be added. Drop in an aspirin tablet. Allow cycle to finish. Voila! White and bright.

2. Cleaning suede

Need: White eraser and a toothbrush.

The magic: Rub the white eraser over the mark on the suede. Only rub in one direction. Be careful not to erase the suede off the item! Continue to "erase" until mark disappears.

Then take the toothbrush (be sure it's dry) and rub in a circular motion. This will

make the suede appear normal again by fluffing the nap.

3. Keeping denim dark

Need: Detergent for dark-colored clothing and a washing machine.

The magic: First add your denim (turned inside out) and place them in a washing machine. Water temperature should be set for cold. Detergent that is specifically formulated for dark-colored clothing works best.

Denim can be placed into dryer after washing. Remove denim after approximately 10 minutes from dryer. Hang them to air dry. It's simple, but it's worked well for us!

4. Getting rid of musty smells

Need: 1 cup distilled white vinegar, plastic hangers and a washing basin or tub.

The magic: Fill the bathtub or basin with steaming hot water. Add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. Hang the items that smell musty on shower rod or directly above the basin. Shut the door and allow items to steam overnight. The musty smell will be gone by morning.

Everyone has a different formula and we all know what works best with our own clothing. Our advice, if it is a favorite item, always test a piece of clothing first before jumping right in with a new trick.

Continue making every day a runway!