Unedited: Photographer Nick Fancher

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Columbus bands such as House of Heroes, Pirate and One Life Lost have been captured by Nick Fancher. So have local ballet dancers, buildings and brides. The award-winning photographer discussed his work and more from his North Campus studio.

Name: Nick Fancher

Age: 28

Day job: Owner, Shutter-Think Photography

Neighborhood: Clintonville

Alma mater: Ohio State University

Hometown: Columbus

Web: shutterthink.com

I grew up in Columbus, kind of the Linden area. I went to Centennial High School. Then I got into Fort Hayes Career Center for photography. That really helped me out, just being in Downtown Columbus. They had a studio, all that stuff.

My dad did a little photography when he was in the Air Force. He had an old Nikon FM. We'd go on family vacations, and his camera always had all the dials and stuff I didn't understand. I was intimidated by it, but eventually in junior year of high school, photography class became available. I was like, "Why not?"

I've learned pretty much everything I use now, after college, just from websites like Strobist. And asking different photographers questions. You know, "How do you do this? How do you do that?" There's a lot of nice people sharing their information. My whole portfolio is from the past three years.

One thing I miss about shooting film is not knowing what you'll get until it comes up in the developer. There's those certain things with film that you can experiment. You get that chaos effect, and you can't plan for that in Photoshop. Just having the randomness of film was fun.

To take a good wedding photo, you need to be open to your environment. You should know the personalities of who you're working with. I try to keep my eye out for something unique. I don't want any duplicate shots in my portfolio.

The coolest assignment I've ever done is with John Reuben. He's a local Christian rapper. Last year, he wanted me to kind of be his on-the-road photographer. That was interesting because it was me shooting in a church in Northern Ohio with, like, 30 kids, and then me shooting on a stage in Chicago with 3,000 people.

I like any project where I can work with someone on the concept and push the creativity. I just love when we all get something out of it.

When I'm not in the studio, one of my hobbies is doing movie marathons. My buddies and I will do these niche marathons, like animals-who-play-sports night. Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver was the best of the series. It's like we have to have an excuse to watch them, because otherwise we're just idiots watching these horrible movies.

Our block, at Tompkins and Summit streets, is really starting to flip. It's close to Clintonville, and it's cheaper than Campus. We're here. Wild Goose Creative is here. There's a scooter shop, Capital City Scooters. There's Rumba Cafe. There's a recording studio and a hookah bar that has really good food.

One person I really respect is my pastor, Jeff Cannell. The church slogan is "engaging suffering," and he just does it really well. He knows, like, every homeless person in his whole three-mile radius. He has relationships with them. It's so commendable without anyone seeing it.

The best advice I've ever received is listen to your wife. Three guys I respect the most in life all told me that.I have learned it is true.