Pick your shopping day wisely to nab best deals

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Any savvy shopper worth his or her credit score knows there are particularly good times of the year to buy certain products. Looking for a bargain on swimwear? Obviously, the best deals can be had in the fall. Need an overcoat? Think spring. And, of course, just about everything gets marked down after the holiday shopping season.

Not so widespread, however, is the knowledge that for bargain-hunting, some days can be better than others.


Dublin's Jamie Beale, who works as a personal shopper, points out that grocery sales typically run from Wednesday through Tuesday. Toss in the fact that most coupons come out in the Sunday paper, and the best day

to shop for food is a no-brainer. "It's Sunday," she said. "Take coupons, and take advantage of the sales." To save on discounted items you don't need right at the moment, shop on Tuesday. Because that's the final day in

the sale cycle, there's a chance those products will be sold out. If that's the case, Beale said, you should be able to pick up rain checks that will enable you to buy the items when you need them, at the sale price.

Airline tickets

SmartMoney.com says airlines tend to unveil discounted airfares during the weekend, prompting competitors to follow suit. The back-and-forth usually subsides by Wednesday morning, making that the best time to book

a flight, the site says.


Crude-oil prices generally don't fluctuate according to the day of the week, but consumer demand does. Usage spikes on weekends, so gas stations often increase their pump prices on Thursday. "By hitting the pump before 10 a.m. (when many stations change their prices), you'll beat the rush and the price jump," SmartMoney.com says.


Friday is a good day to scour department stores for deals on clothing and other items, local shopping expert Laurie Dixon said. "It's usually a preview day for the weekend sale," Dixon writes in "TheBAG Lady Blog," a blog she produces for TheBAG.com, a site owned by The Dispatch's parent company. "Merchandise is newly stocked for the sale." Be sure to jump on Friday's night-owl sales before Saturday's early-bird shoppers have a chance to deplete the inventory, she said.


Auto dealerships are busiest on weekends, so Monday inevitably brings a drop in customers. The relative calm, while predictable, can be unsettling for dealers itching to rack up another sale. Experts say the last few days of the month are good, too, because sales reps are scrambling to meet quotas. Snow and other inclement weather can heighten the pressure. Bill Purpura, a spokesman for AAA Ohio, recommended, only half-jokingly, waiting until the next Ohio State-Michigan football game. "Everybody's either there or watching, so salesmen might be especially eager to deal," he said. Too bad that's not a weekly occurrence.

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