Gadget Spot: Acoustibuds

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Columbus Alive

I don't get it.

As I drive around my neighborhood, I notice folks jogging while they listen to tunes from their iPods, iPhones or other MP3 players. How do they keep the earbuds supplied with these gadgets in their ears? I sit in a chair and my earbuds fall to the floor.

I found it so annoying that manufacturer-supplied earbuds wouldn't stay put in my ears, I switched to a pair of Sony digital noise-cancelling headphones long ago.

They're fine for listening to music in airplanes or at home, but you look a little out of place moving around outdoors with a pair of bulky, over-the-ear headphones on your noggin. What's a fella to do?

Turns out Burton Technologies has an answer. Their Acoustibuds earphone adapters (available for $15 at fill the bill, not to mention snugly fill my ears.

Acoustibuds are like little condoms for your earbuds, right down to their ribbed construction. Only instead of being made from latex, they're molded from hypoallergenic silicone rubber.

This product isn't one size fits all, so each box of Acoustibuds comes with size 5 and size 6 versions. Bigger isn't always better, and size 5 (referring to the number of ridges on this gadget, aka its length) did the trick for me.

Frankly, this simple little gadget proved extremely easy to use. I slipped a pair on my earbuds, and no matter how I moved my head or gently tugged on the wires, those little buggers stayed firmly in my ears. They remained comfortable after a couple hours of listening.

The aforementioned ridges also act as barriers to outside noise, providing for a quieter listening experience. I'm sure they wouldn't completely block out airplane engine noise, but they do deaden many annoying noises. Meanwhile, the tapered cone shape of Acoustibuds focuses sound into the ear canal for a better listening experience than with simple earbuds.

Out of 34 reviews on, 13 people gave this gadget five stars and 13 gave it one or two. Folks either seem to love this product or hate it.

As for me, I get it, and I now use a pair.

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