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I'll admit it; I'm not much of a cook. But every once in a while I will get the urge to try something just because I can. Sometimes it even tastes good. The other night while trying to decide what I wanted to eat for dinner, I came up with this idea, which ended up being a hit with the family.

I made hot dogs, but I decided to make cheese-filled garlic breadsticks and used those as the buns instead of using regular plain buns. I had no idea how it was going to taste, but I am glad I tried it. It definitely added flavor to an old favorite. I think it even tasted better than a corn dog. It was also very quick and easy.

All I had to do was preheat the oven and then cook the Cole's Cheesesticks (I used this brand because it's the perfect bun size). While the breadsticks were cooling, I heated the hot dogs in the microwave. I cut the breadsticks down the middle as if they were regular buns. Then I placed the hot dogs inside the breadsticks and, voila! A new and tasty treat the whole family can enjoy.

So next time you feel daring, try putting a twist on an old-time favorite. You never know: it could end up being a winner!

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