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"Parks & Recreation"

Amy Poehler's new sitcom from the creators of The Office might as well be called The Office: Civil Service Edition. But working from the same template isn't a problem with a main character as fully formed as Poehler's Leslie Knope and a cast that includes the likes of Rashida Jones and Aziz Ansari. Last week's pilot portends good things for Parks & Rec, which airs at 8:30 Thursdays on NBC.

Celia Weston in "Observe and Report"

Playing mom to Seth Rogen's psycho mall cop and stealing nearly every scene she's in, the veteran character actress had us from the moment she falls down drunk.

"Sweet Tooth" at Haiku

Artist Amy Neiwirth serves up just the right culinary delights for the coming of swimsuit season: intricate, wall-hung miniature food sculptures. Catch them through April 30 at the Short North sushi restaurant.

"Bruno" trailer

If Sacha Baron Cohen's summer flick is as funny as its recently released "red band" trailer and as popular as Borat, expect the country to be awash in Velcro fashions, adopted African children and sexually threatened straight guys.


The classic formula is back. For baby boomers, it's nostalgia in a bottle - the beer that made Milwaukee famous was once America's most popular. Of course, we weren't around for all those sweaty, Schlitz-fueled nights of awkward fumbling in the back seat of Dad's '62 Chevy, so forget about the good ol' days. We just like that it tastes like beer.

Blue Jackets in the playoffs

Yes, Columbus, there is hockey in April.

"The Drinky Crow Show"

This subversive show highlights what's up with the entire Adult Swim slate: using beautiful artwork to convey the weirdest stuff on TV. For example: a perennially drunk crow and a sex-obsessed monkey getting horribly injured and philosophizing about life aboard a steam-punk pirate ship sailing against the French. Yeah. Watch it on demand at

Record Store Day

Most music fans agree record stores rule, but many abandoned brick and mortar for mail-order vinyl and digital downloads. So cheers to Saturday's contrived holiday for attracting us back. Lost Weekend is offering 33 percent off used LPs, 45 percent off used 45s and used 78s for 78 cents. (Get it?) Magnolia Thunderpussy, Singing Dog and Evil Empire have sales too, plus a slate of exclusive releases and promo items. Times New Viking, Dick Mackey and more will play at Used Kids, while Ace in the Hole hosts Colin Gawel and Erica Blinn. Check for details.