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MimicColor, that is. MimicColor is a hair touch-up system used to cover grays and roots between salon visits. Not that we think your color isn't naturally that glorious!

Unlike permanent dye touch-up kits, this stuff can be used daily and has the consistency of a make-up foundation. It's easy to apply, adds volume to roots and provides protection from UV rays.

It comes with a handy little brush to apply the product, or just use your fingertips. And it really works. It blended nicely with my naturally blond hair (and dark roots, what's up with that!), and literally saved me from looking like Pepe LePew for about a week while waiting for my salon appointment.

This "make-up for your hair" is now a staple in my beauty arsenal. To learn more and to see a video on how it works, log on to

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