Earth mama

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It's time to open up the windows and start cleaning. Sounds like fun right? Well, not really, but there are cheap and green ways to clean up around the house. There. Feel better?


Straight or mixed with water this is all you need to clean floors, grout, and wash walls. Vinegar mixed with a little water is an excellent way to achieve steak-free windows. Spray on any smelly carpet stains to neutralize the odor.

Baking Soda

Mix vinegar and baking soda for an abrasive scrub that's great for sinks and bathrooms. Shake it dry over carpet before you sweep, this also helps neutralize odor. Sprinkle it on furniture and sweep off to kill smelly odors.


Adding lemon juice to any equation makes it naturally smell fresh, and cuts through nasty smells. Cut up a lemon and put it down the garbage disposal and grind it up to remove smelly odors from down below.

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