Alive & Unedited: Joe Jordan

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Columbus Alive

Central Ohio, Joe Jordan will tell you in his popular online angling videos, is a great place to catch fish. The likeable host with encyclopedic knowledge of Buckeye waters recently made his broadcast debut on GTN. Catch a new episode of "Fishn' with Joe" at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, April 25.

Name: Joe Jordan

Age: 36

Day job: Freelance video producer

Neighborhood: Milo-Grogan

Alma mater: Ohio State University

Hometown: Columbus


My family owned a bait and tackle shop for a little over 50 years. We would go out and collect our own bait. You learn to just read the rivers, to know the rivers, to become intimate with the rivers. It gave me a chance to work with anglers every day, to see what their struggles were.

Our livelihood depended on knowing where the fish were hitting. If I didn't know where the fish were hitting at, I'd sell a dozen nightcrawlers. If I knew where the fish were hitting at, I'd sell three.

When I was maybe five years old, my babysitter was a bucket of crawfish on the Scioto River. My older brother and my father, they would take a rod, bait it up with a craw, throw it out there. They'd say, "Alright, don't let the rod get away."

Growing up in a bait shop, a lot of people didn't believe I was catching fish. I kind of started the show to prove to them that I was catching these fish.

Besides the fishing show, I do video ads for I go out to doctor's offices, dentist's offices and law offices with my video camera and shoot nice little business video ads. It was a natural progression to do a fishing show.

In the most popular fishing shows, I'd always see these guys on some of the best lakes in the country. They would speak about different techniques. What guys truly need are places to go fishing. You can buy all the lures that you need at Wal-Mart, put them in a small tackle box and catch just about all the fish you want to catch.

Making my show is very difficult. You've got to know the spots. You always have to worry about weather conditions. And it always seems like the camera isn't running when you hook up with a fish. After I shoot the footage, it takes me about 35 hours to edit a single, little eight-minute show.

Fishing teaches you a lot of lessons. You learn patience. You learn perseverance. You learn to pay attention to the little details. That makes you a stronger person.

My favorite spot in Central Ohio is the Olentangy River right in front of the stadium. You've got a whole lot of limiting factors there. And you've got a whole lot of huge fish.

When I tell people about that spot, the first thing people say is, "Water quality is an issue. There are no fish down there." I have about a half an hour's worth of video of smallmouth and largemouth that I'm catching right in front of the stadium to disprove that completely.

One of the most exciting things for me is seeing lots of guys out there. They come up to me and say, "Hey, Joe. Thanks for the spot. I didn't know there were any fish down here."

The best advice I've ever received is always follow your dreams - to know what you want to do and never, ever forget that dream you had when you were a little kid.

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