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The multiple fireplaces might be fake, but the warmth and fun are real Wednesday nights at Dick's Den, where DJderekD (aka Derek DiCenzo) spins all vinyl from his vast and diverse record collection. Things you might hear: Django Reinhardt, Bad Brains, Count Basie, Talking Heads, Ethel Merman, King Crimson, John Coltrane, the theme from Sanford and Son. Factor in Dick's laid-back atmosphere, super-cheap drinks, DJderek's homemade cookies and guacamole (which are the same price as the cover charge - free!) and there's really no good reason to stay home.

"Cranksters" podcasts

WCRS broadcasts its weekly "Cranksters" program on both 102.1 and 98.3 FM, but not every listener is in range to hear this great segment about Columbus bike culture. Don't fret. The low-power radio station has this and other shows cataloged in downloadable podcast format at

Half-pound hot dog at Nationwide Arena

Hot dogs are firmly entrenched as a ballpark staple, but ravenous hockey fans shouldn't forget Nationwide Arena's best food bargain. Pick up this girthy foot-long Sugardale dog on 'roids, help yourself to the ample condiment bar, and you'll barely have room for your free chili tomorrow.

"Bigger Than Life"

Previously unavailable in any video format in the U.S., Nicholas Ray's groundbreaking, mind-blowing 1956 melodrama about an ailing school teacher (James Mason) and the wonder drug that drives him insane is now streaming on Hulu in crisp hi-def.

Booing Brian McBride

[photo: Dispatch/Kyle Robertson]

The most beloved, internationally successful player in Columbus Crew history stabbed the club in the back when he suited up with the archrival Chicago Fire. Last fall, the Crew sent its former hero home sullen when Columbus triumphed over Chicago 2-1 in the Eastern Conference final as the "McJudas!" jeers reigned down from Nordecke. Saturday's Crew-Fire showdown at Crew Stadium is the next chance to remind McBride what a big mistake he made.

Remote Control Zombies at What the Rock?!

It's the fun kind of brain drain! Just load this poseable little fella up with AAA batteries and use the gray-mattered remote control to send him shuffling off in search of a fresh meal. As he goes, he lets out an eerie mechanical moan.

"Rescue Me" on FX

The fifth season of Denis Leary's look at the lives of New York City firemen has finally arrived, and it's sticking around for 22 episodes. And so far, it is fantastic, with guest star Michael J. Fox giving its sharp, dark hilarity an extra jolt.

Sonic's Happy Hour

Yes, the tater tots are delicious, but the best reason to visit the drive-in chain is their half-price drink special, running from 2 to 4 p.m. every day. Go for the Cherry Limeade - it comes adorned with almost an entire lime's worth of citrus slices and a cherry.